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Sportking is a true Textile Value Chain. We produce Grey Yarn which is processed further to convert into Dyed yarn (cotton, poly/cotton, acrylic & blends). Current capacity for Yarn Dyeing is 5 Metric tons per day which will soon go up to 15 MT/ Day with the upcoming expansion.
Particulars Machinery Capacity
Package Dyeing (Cotton & P/C Yarns)
Soft Package SSM 5 Metric Tons Per Day
Yarn Dyeing Thies & Loris Bellini(10 Kg to 500 Kg) 5 Metric Tons Per Day
RF Dryer Stalam
Final Package SSM
Hank Dyeing (Acrylic & Blended Yarns)
Hank Dyeing M/C 60 / 120 / 180 / 200 / 240 / 500 lot size 10 Metric Tons Per Day
Hank to Cone M/C Fadis & Corghi 14 Metric Tons Per Day
Fiber Dyeing (Acrylic & Polyester)
Fiber Dyeing M/C Dalal 12 Metric Tons Per Day
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